Trade name for a utility/agricultural truck produced by Mercedes Benz from 1947 to present. Availiable in various shapes and sizes, UNIMOGs are characterized by their large tires, high ground clearance, spartan interiors, and legendary druability. The name is an acronym derived from UNIversal MOtor Gerat (Universal Power Unit, in German).
Use the UNIMOG to tow out that Cadillac Escalade that got stuck in the mud.
by 1spectre4u January 22, 2004
The mercedes unimog is a truely un-stoppable machine with a ground clearence of 50 cm

"With the portal design of the axles, the axle tube and the differential are both above the centre axis of the wheel. The result is an extremely high ground clearance yet a low centre of gravity. Obstacles up to half a metre high can be overcome by the Unimog without difficulty. In addition, the drive-train components are subjected to less strain because the full driving torque is reached only at the wheel itself, not before. Both axles are of identical design and strength."

PTOs can use full engine power to drive implements.

The transmission PTO is a cost-effective feature, since the gearbox clutch and the PTO shaft clutch are identical. Possible uses include the powering of winches, compressors and generators. An additional, fast running PTO is also available for instance for driving the hydraulic pump of a loading crane, or for fire fighting pumps or generators.

Powerful hydraulics for versatility of operation.

Mercedes-Benz supplies an efficient hydraulic system ex-factory. Pump capacities range from 40 to 55 litres / minute at an operating pressure of 180 - 200 bar. Up to 4 double-acting control valves permit a total of 8 hydraulic connections at the front and 4 at the rear, each with a separate return line. This makes it convenient to use different implements simultaneously, such as a winch as well as hydraulic tools etc.

And because the Unimogs are registered as agricultural vehicles you can drive them on a normal tractor license, therefor they can be driven age 16

Generally a Unimog will travel comfortably at around 50-55mph. This will depend on what you are towing and the type of surface you are driving on. Unimogs will usually achieve around 15 miles to the gallon unloaded, but again, this is dependent on what work you are doing.

The larger Unimogs will tow up to approximately 25 tons on a properly balanced trailer. Obviously the towing capacity also largely depends upon the horse power of the Unimog and the vehicle weight.
phil aint getting a scooter when he is 16 he is going to get a UNIMOG
by downhill-rider January 6, 2007