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Short for "Not Safe For 56 Kbaud Modems". Tagline abbreviation added to an internet forum post (or other missive) to warn of massive attachment size, which a normal analog phone modem may be incapable of coping with.
Click Here: Britney Spears Sucking Face With Madonna. NSF56K!
by 1spectre4u December 02, 2003
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A hood scoop that is attached to a car's air cleaner/intake manifold, and protrudes through a hole in the hood. Named such because it can be visibly seen shaking when the engine is revved.
Some Barracudas came from the factory with shaker hoods.
by 1spectre4u August 12, 2003
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An automatic web site scanning application that methodically scearches through internet sites for viable email addresses. The primary source of SPAM generation.
I set a trap for the harvesters by putting hundreds of bogus email addresses on my website.
by 1spectre4u August 12, 2003
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Adjective describing ignorance or stupidity of such magnetude, that mental deficiency is the first suspect in its cause. Named after the infamous protective headwear used by special education students.
Dude, that's not just dumb, That's friggin' helmet wearing retarded!
by 1spectre4u January 12, 2004
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Slang for the prescrpition pain reliever Oxy-Contin. Oxy-Contin allegedly has highly addictive qualities, and is a common narcotic in rural areas.
Dave blew his entire paycheck on hillbilly heroin.
by 1spectre4u October 31, 2003
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Derisive name given to various religeous organisations that aggressively and proactively campaign for new members to spread their faith.
Don't answer the door. The God Squad is out there.
by 1spectre4u October 21, 2003
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