A country I live in, which has more accents than Cockney, Mancunian and Upper class idiot, has no county called Devonshire,and actually has a type of football you play with your feet. We also know how to resolve personal issues without guns, lawyers or therapists. We do not have similar accents to Australians, so get it right. A useful piece of information for non-Uk people- Hugh Grant should not be taken as a standard Englishman.
"Hi, I'm from the UK." "oh, do you live in London?"
a phrase that drives people mad world over.
by itsacountryacceptit April 08, 2005
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not only stands for United Kingdom but also means you know in text.
example 1

girl: so where are you from??

boy: the UK

girl: what is the UK?

boy: the United Kingdom

girl: oh thats so sexy

example 2

girl's text: what is up

boy's text: in my rooom all alone

girl's tex: that is so sexy

boy's text: uk it
by hipeeps June 20, 2010
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A soveriegn state, not a country. It is made up of England and Scotland (which are countries), Wales (a principality) and Northern Ireland (a province). Ireland doesnt exist, there are only the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Britain is not the same thing; it's real name is Great Britain, and it's the island on which Wales, England and Scotland are found. When King James inherited the English crown, which already owned that of Wales, Great Britain became a monarchy, hence the british empire-not the empire of the UK. The union jack is not the flag of Great Britain, it is a modified version which encorporates Northern Ireland, making it the flag of the UK.
the uk isnt a fucking country
by Robert Paulson. May 23, 2010
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The United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland. Not interchangeable with England. Once had an Empire that spanned a quarter of the Earth, but through various circumstances lost most of it, but still remains the country with the most oversea territories. USA's greatest ally, yet according to the previous definitions the two countries hate eachother. Situated in Europe. Has a Prime-minister who does what ever Bush says. One of the most powerful/influentual countries in the world.
The UK totally kicked Argentina's arse when the latter invaded the Falkland Islands.
by Jimmy Kickarse August 20, 2006
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The greatest Allies of the United States. Countries (yes the UK is more than one country) that produced the world greatest authors. A military that has yet to be defeated on its homeland. Rich in History. Great people. And I'm sorry to say, better slang than us Americans.
The UK will always stand by our side in times of need as we should do for them.
by Bill January 29, 2006
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University of Kentucky
The University of Kentucky, also known as UK, is a public, co-educational, university, and is one of the state's two land-grant universities, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Founded in 1865 by John Bowman as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, the university is the largest in the Commonwealth by enrollment, with 27,209 students, and is also the highest ranked research university in the state, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Motto: See Blue
Mascot "Blue," "The Wildcat," "Big Blue," "Scratch"

Nickname: Wildcats
P1 "Did you go to the UK for college?"
P2 "Yeah, it was great."
by Tiff...Er...Knee? June 20, 2010
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It isn't the U.K i live in!!! it's fucking England! Why dus evry1 and all sites say U.K, its fuckin England!
"so you live in the U.K?"

"No! England! ass face!"

*gets stabbed in eye*
by Rube July 07, 2005
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