Common short way of saying, YOU DON'T KNOW!! Often followed by, "Nope, nope you don't."
Rakhi: What's up your butthole?
Aaron: Dude, idk.
Rakhi: DUDE, UDK.
Aaron: W00ts your butthole.
Rakhi: I guess
Aaron: Duh.
by Donosaur's Mommie August 04, 2006
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“Hey Jack wana go get some bagels

Udk, bro”
by 2chinzzzzz July 08, 2018
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Udk is a Trinidadian slang word meaning "you done know" which also translated out of creole English means" you already know"
Evangeline: Adeline are you going to the party tonight?
Adeline: Udk ,of course, what kind of question is that?
by XvjadevX July 07, 2018
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