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Although lesser known than its peer institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale, the University of Chicago is a place so nerdy and intellectually stimulating that it leaves you feeling like you've been beaten over the head by Aristotle while the dead hands of Milton Friedman shove an economics textbook down your throat. First years walk in as brainy little dorks and graduate as big burly scholarly men. AT THIS SCHOOL, YOU WILL LEARN WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.
Albert: Hey, Bart! We're going to a frat party tonight. Want to join?
Bart: Nah, thanks for asking but I have to work on this problem set for complex analysis.
Albert: Oh man, that's so UChicago of you.
by Lamopa December 16, 2012
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I go to UChicago and I still get triggered when someone equates "good university" with "Ivy League"
by ffffffffffffjfffffffffffffffff February 24, 2019
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