Acronym for the United Blood Nation, a.k.a. the Bloods
Don't f**k with the UBN
by Goose April 23, 2006
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Acronym for the "United Blood Nation". Though the original "Blood" gang was set up in California, an entirely new sect was started on the east coast (by an "OG Mac"). The UBN is largely rejected by their west coast "brothers" for not following the original codes set by the west coast blood set. Such violations include; the harming of neutrals, blood on blood violence, "sexing" in female bloods, etc. The UBN is widely considered to be less dangerous than their west coast counterparts, and as of now, the internal leadership of the group has mainly fallen apart, making them no more special than any other random street gang.
The UBN is slowly deteriorating under failing leadership
by AlphaCerberus June 26, 2013
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THE UN-BLACK NIGGAS, one of the largest clans ever created, watch out for dey cd, comin out real soon!!!!!!!! COP THAT SHIT!!!!!!!
Dam son, dun mess wit dem, dey part of tha UBN.......
by The GZA April 8, 2005
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A UBN is an Ultimate Bitch Nigga. When a friend displays repeated acts of being a bitch such as breaking guy code and not hanging with the crew the title UBN can be bestowed upon them. The only way to remove the title of UBN would be for a fellow member of your crew to act out and piss off the crew more than the current UBN, thus the title will be passed on. There is always a UBN in a crew. To be able to crown a UBN your group will follow the rule of 6. Every 6 members there can be another UBN title. IE: a group of 12 will have 2 UBNs
Friend 1: yo should we ask our boy to come chill tonight?
Friend 2: nah man I already called him and he say he wanna chill with his girl
Friend 1: didn't he say he was gonna chill with us this weekend?
Friend 2: yeah man... He just bailed for the 3rd time in a row..
Friend 1: yeah boy I think it's time to crown our UBN he's been bein a bitch
by Cole for UBN 2014 August 15, 2015
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"United Black Network" - Started as UPN in the 1980's, this television channel quickly became a hotspot for crappy, low-budget actors, mostly of whom are bequethed from African American descent, and changed its call letters to UBN to better recognize the targeted audience.
Hey Peter, are you and Jane coming over to watch Sister-Sister tonight on UBN?
by defcon5 July 26, 2005
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