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All of those new countries surrounding russia were in the U.S.S.R., check out a map pre 90's
by Goofyboi October 20, 2005
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Were all th slavv bois are they can do slavvic pushups(also known as 0 handed pushups) and can go on for years without need for food
I want to join the USSR
by Communist boi 68 plus 1 March 13, 2019
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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Informally: The Soviet Union
A country that occupied 1/6 of all the land in the world. Existed from 1917 to 1991. Ruled by the Communist Party. Consisted of 15 republics. Controlled all of Eastern Europe, most of Asia, supported some African, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries. Called "The Evil Empire"
- Daddy, what's CCCP?
- It's Russian for USSR.
by Itzik August 09, 2005
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A communist nation which is best in the entire universe
Guy 1: Hey whats the best country in the world
Guy 2: I dont know, USA?
Guy 1: You mean USSR asshole
by iamshmo12 November 23, 2019
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1.The country on most classroom maps where Russia should be. Some schools deal with them being outdated by putting up captions saying 'Can you spot which country's have changed?'.
Most simply hope that no-one notices (they don't)

2. Also, where Linka from Captain Planet is from in the early seasons. It later beomes 'Eastern Europe'
Teacher: Could someone please point out Russia?
Student: uhh...What's the U.S.S.R??...and where'd Russia go?
Teacher: Whoops, Sorry! Russia doesn't exist yet...
by flying_potato June 12, 2007
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