A word/name to define an

Amazing, Wonderful, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Smart, Gorgeous, Cute, Funny person. Who gives incredibly much love and can make you happy in your darkest days. Has a really big heart and a great sense of humor. Loves animals. Can be a little weird but always fun to be with. Takes care of those she loves. Can be a little confusing sometimes but takes her time in making her decisions. Deserves the world but instead gives you hers. Just an amazing person who everyone needs but only a few deserve.
Teacher: Describe someone who is very dear to you.

Student: I only need one word sir, "Linka".
by Dillorian May 6, 2015
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A word used to fill space on a sheet of paper.
teacher:"okay students, right about the physical apearence of a cubuler space in time around the center course of a curve in the universe...until you fill up the peice of paper."
Self:"Okay" *begins to wright* linka, linka, linka, linka....
by Maryanne E. M. July 10, 2004
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Linka Loud is a character who appeared in an episode of the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House.” Linka appeared in S1E23A “One of the Boys.” She is the female version of Lincoln Loud, and is the middle child in the family at 11 years old. She is also the only daughter in the family with five older and five younger brothers. She has long, white hair, an orange hair clip and an orange shirt, a blue, denim skirt, red shoes, and white stud earrings.
Linka Loud is amazing!
by Hotgirl_937 November 7, 2018
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1.A female warrior who set off at age 14 to choose her own destination, and kill the evil dragon that crawled from the firery pit of hell. It was her who set him back, only now her evil clone has claimed the pendant releasing Karo from his blazing prison! She is a Half white/korean heroan who battles from world to world- Both Hylian and Tonyalian her heart longs to remain the true hero of her time.
2. Often compared to another Hero
3. 'Linka' Proving something better; meaning better
1. "I'll be a hero, like Linka Xangua."
2. "With great power Linka Xangua over came many difficulties much like Link."
3. "My eggroll is Linka."
by Emily R February 11, 2005
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Where is the linka, teacher?.
by Jay_nottaken April 25, 2022
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inka linka can be used in many different ways. heres the full list:


person: i just made a inka linka!

other person: cool inka linka!
by Unspecified Human June 23, 2020
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