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A word/name to define an

Amazing, Wonderful, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Smart, Gorgeous, Cute, Funny person. Who gives incredibly much love and can make you happy in your darkest days. Has a really big heart and a great sense of humor. Loves animals. Can be a little weird but always fun to be with. Takes care of those she loves. Can be a little confusing sometimes but takes her time in making her decisions. Deserves the world but instead gives you hers. Just an amazing person who everyone needs but only a few deserve.
Teacher: Describe someone who is very dear to you.

Student: I only need one word sir, "Linka".
by Dillorian May 05, 2015
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A word used to fill space on a sheet of paper.
teacher:"okay students, right about the physical apearence of a cubuler space in time around the center course of a curve in the universe...until you fill up the peice of paper."
Self:"Okay" *begins to wright* linka, linka, linka, linka....
by Maryanne E. M. July 09, 2004
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