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An online community run by domineering, amoral gamers. The community was groomed for 1 decades to weed out the strong willed and talented, and to reward the meek and moderately intelligent for taking any lie or gossip they hear and carry it as fact. Originally owned by an online sexual predator who went by the username Dawnstar, a community of impressionable kids was groomed into a community of adult pawns who do as they're told, question nothing the community leaders (or 'gods' or 'prophets') tell them, and they excommunicate anyone who falls out of favor with the leadership. The internet troll using the username Jessimi frequently fibs about her past friendships and relationships with males online, even going so far as to find about threats against her life being made by long distance Exes of hers who know about her past she works to keep well hidden.

The community members, to date, don't retain anyone among them who do any fact finding into any of the wild, bizarre, harmful gossip that comes from their leadership, and many to-date still blithely badmouth one of half a dozen people to ever stand up and speak the truth publicly without fear for the alienation that would surely follow.
"Have you heard of Tyrannights?"

"Oh, you mean the Mormon Cult of Internet RPGs? Yeah, ugh, I know them all too well."

"Jessimi making up toxic rumors about you too?"

"Yup, and her mindless Admin are powerless to stop her. They run her forum, they do her bidding, but lack the courage to stand up for themselves."

"Shame, shame."
by Vrykolakas January 19, 2018
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Tyrannights has enjoyed being the 'Rebound RPG' of the Talkcity/Delphiforums networks for years. Nobody would ever want to play there, but would resign themselves to it when their favorite games got closed down (usually as a result of the Tyrant Trio of Tyrannights). Players would die a little bit on the inside *every day* after years of being conditioned to settle for less and expect less than what they deserved in terms of a roleplaying experience.

To this day, Tyrannights is still run with the same 'ideals' that reigned supreme previously, it's latest incarnation "Tyrannight: Port of Damnation" having multiple documented instance of discrimination and ethnically-charged bias.
Tyrannights was a long-standing game back when most of us were just children.
by Musemaster™ November 02, 2012
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Years after the 'Gods' destroyed the land in the wake of their greed and selfish malice, little was left standing. The select few who hadn't been banished or slain in the defense of their families were again forced into slavery by the son of Dawnstar. The people entered a sad psychological state, where their undying loyalty to the land and soil of Tyran forced them into delusion states that told them they were happy being slaves of the Baracutis Clan.

There were those who tried to resist these changes, but just as the Tyrant 'Mother' crushed those under her heel who purportedly 'opposed' her rule, so her son continued to do in her absence. In their eyes, slaves who cried out lost their value. They were only useful so long as they followed blindly and didn't ask questions.

But there's rumor in town that, in the absence of two of the Tyrant Trio, members of The Resistance have begun returning to their homeland, having set up a Headquarters in an uncharted corner of town, recruiting members and making plans to make Tyran once more a land of it's people.

Their leader, a man whose name is the thing of nighttime stories to frighten children into good behavior (thanks to the stigma applied by the Tyrant Trio), has begun sending his men out to free some of the slaves and bring them back to Resistance HQ.
"Ooh, did you hear? He's back! And there's even rumor of him leading The Resistance, just like he did before his banishment by the Tyrant Trio!"

"That's Tyrannights for you. Even in darkest night, a glimmer of hope still remains!"
by Musemaster™ November 20, 2012
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