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The evening star, passing down the horizon. This is the sun descending down the horizon showing such a beautiful fading radiance upon its leave.
Such beauty in the day, is ended with the Dawnstar.
by Roronoa Urahara June 11, 2017
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A scriptwriter for IRC Chat Bots on Talkcity who used her affiliation with Talkcity to allege being a Talkcity Administrator, and threaten rival Play-by-Post RPG Owners into dismantling their own communities so she could absorb them into her own community. Dawnstar was renowned for her illicit online chats and phone calls with the male teenagers who were part of her community, and soliciting lewd phone call sessions with them, in some cases going so far as to alienate her victims from their peers by alleging that her victims were "stalking" and "harassing" her, when she banned them from her roleplaying community.
"Wow, Dawnstar called me last night and asked if I would have phone sex with her!"

"Really? She told us you were getting creepy and stalking her!"

"Wow. Just, wow. I guess I better get the authorities involved!"

"Good call, man! Save yourself a lifetime of regret, and years of shunning from your peers!"
by Lively Pepper February 05, 2018
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