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Shorthand term meaning Type O Negative - as referring to the band.
Hey dude, you see Type O last night at L'Amour?
by TekFox October 17, 2003
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1. An alleged mistake made while typing, usually someone's name, on a form that goes to print.
2. Phonetic pun of name written down multiple ways from an original phonetic sound referred to as phonnampun.

3. Any error from phonetic analogs in sound to text, digitizing, or transcription service message referred to as amalgamorphoneticursiv or AMPC.
4. When auto-correct Kai-botches your keystrokes into touchscreen as multi disjointed tangential word clusters referred to as MultiDisjoinTangentaWortCluSS DTWC, and then you press the send button before noticing the monstrosity.
The search string yielded another type o when printed from a mobile phone screenshot of the SMS entered by 411 operator.

Transcribe correctly spells 50% of what I say into my phone so I prefer to battle technology with an auto correct type o instead.
by Snow Pea - Digit El Poal S.Sa October 06, 2016
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