1. reaching a point of no return, an irreversible decision; from the practice of "breaking the glass of a fire alarm" in which you must first break a thin layer of glass before pulling a fire alarm to discourage unnecessary activation of fire alarms

2. In Healthcare Information Management Systems (HIMS), the practice of opening a confidential record, file, etc.; often when this is done your information (name, IP, email, organization) is recorded on an accounting of disclosure form
1. The doctor's decision to telephone the patient's mother about his threatening comments broke the glass with the patient, there was no going back.

2. The medical records department had to break the glass to obtain information about the celebrity's medical record, as it had been marked strictly confidential to prevent unwarranted leaks of information.
by MattyHill September 25, 2014
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To pass a point of no return; to do something irreversible.
"Flirting with your room mate's girl is ok, but make sure you find another pad before you break the glass and sleep with her."
by tagged October 5, 2007
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Say this when you're breaking out the big guns. When evertything you've tried has failed, and you're resorting to your emergency plan. From breaking the glass of fire extinguishers to put out a fire.
There's nothing to do, it's time to break the glass and go to www.urbandictionary.com
by billie shakes May 22, 2005
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What a man does (by stamping on it with his foot) after the blessings at a Jewish wedding, as a commemoration of the Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed in 68 or 70 of the Common Era. The idea is that even at the peak of our joy, we have to acknowledge the sadness and evil that persist in the world.
"Wasn't it a beautiful wedding?"
"Yes, they're just perfect for each other."
"I know. When he broke the glass, I cried."
by ASAP June 2, 2005
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as soon as i break the glass with sally its gunna be open play for every other guy
by carlton banks May 29, 2005
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Its when you play SOCOM II US Navy Seals and the other team pulls out either M79s, M203s (Grenade Launchers), AT-4 Heats, or RPGs (Rocket Launchers) and you tell your team this and pull out launchers as well.
"Shit they just slaughtered us with M79s... let's break the glass and pull out our M203s. We're going to fucking bomb these bastards!"
by Dementous May 29, 2005
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Fucking! Usually with a casual encounter or fuck buddy, but could be anyone! "IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS" ...When you really need to fuck!
You got a nasty ass attitude lately, go break some glass.

Oh girl, you know it's the weekend, I'm need to call my break glass and make an appointment!

What are you doing tonight?
Breaking glass!
by TFannyFresh August 3, 2010
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