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Crybaby. Someone who jumps up and down if he/she doesn't get what it wants. Aggressive, impossible to argue with even if you are completely in the right. Likes to over-talk and cut people off before they finish. Always has to have the last word. Pompous. Will totally insult someone and then say it's "Just a joke" and laugh disarmingly, even though it clearly isn't kidding at all. Pushy. Will step all over you to get ahead. Often abusive to co-workers. Can't relax. Obsessed with money and deadlines. Probably drives like an asshole too. (tailgates, passes on the right, cuts people off, etc.)
Worker: Don't you hate how the boss constantly micromanages and is such a flaming dickhead all the time?

Co-worker: Yeah, he can't seem to relax.

Worker: God, he's such a type A personality.

Co-worker: You mean type asshole personality?

Type A: "I am a type A personality, don't fuck with me or you'll be sorry!"
by electropunk42 March 13, 2010
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