Type here is a word to swear at someone/something. It is most commonly used when something goes horribly wrong. Normally, Type Here could mean Fuck, Bitch etc. No servers so far as we know has it censored, and it can therefor be used in chats.
Boy: You're such a Type Here

Girl: *Offended noises*
by SamuraiJellyfish January 22, 2019
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When you get bored and you type 'Type hear to search' in the 'Type hear to search', search box on the Windows 10 taskbar
Type here to search
by Jack Spank9049 March 31, 2022
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uh idk you look bored, hbu just go outside and play. didn't yo mum tell ya to do that?
uhhhhhhhh no. IM BORED FUCK OFF what am i supposed to type here?
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You just typed "type any word here" in the text box containing faded text reading "Type any word here..."

Have you anything better to do with your time?
Urban Dictionary: Type any word here...

User: Ok types 'type any word here'

Urban Dictionary: Results for "type any word here"

User: Wow, some idiots actually bothered to type definitions for 'type any word here'
by Corn Goblin June 6, 2017
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You must be really fucking bored, and this is your final attempt to do something after typing random combinations of letters on the keyboard and finding definitions here.
by Pokemon Geek September 17, 2015
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People joke about how you have to be really bored to type this in but you have to be even more bored to make your own definition of this.
Type any word here… is what's in the search bar
by I eat poop 69 January 12, 2022
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So, I read the 7th definition for “Type any word here...” and decided I should do what it said to get my reward. Now after typing “YouTube” in the YouTube search bar, changing my name on social media to “Name” and changing the password to “password”, I’m supposed to type this definition and then go back for my reward. This is so exciting! After I get my reward, I’m gonna go play Fortnite and beat up old people!
My wife left me so I like to type “Type any word here...” into the Urban Dictionary search bar!
by Who finna bink my boink? August 14, 2018
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