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Another word for boobs, breasts, milk makers, melons, puppies, the twins, jugs, jiggly bigglies, bosom, knockers, etc...
Chad: “Duuuude, did you see Mrs. Snortbilly’s chest sag yesterday?!”

Jonny: “Bro that’s my mom!”

Chad: “So what? She has a radical rack”

Jonny: “Yeah man, you right”
by Who finna bink my boink? September 29, 2018
So, I read the 7th definition for “Type any word here...” and decided I should do what it said to get my reward. Now after typing “YouTube” in the YouTube search bar, changing my name on social media to “Name” and changing the password to “password”, I’m supposed to type this definition and then go back for my reward. This is so exciting! After I get my reward, I’m gonna go play Fortnite and beat up old people!
My wife left me so I like to type “Type any word here...” into the Urban Dictionary search bar!
by Who finna bink my boink? August 14, 2018