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A really cute boy. He has a rude sense of humor that only certain people understand. He is cool, and awkward but in an adorable cheeky way. He is mean when you first meet him but that is only because he doesn't know how to act around girls and he is shy and dorky. He has big muscles and plays football, and he likes to act tough. But really he is quite intelligent and childish but in a good way. If you fall in love with him (which most people do) then it could be confusing to figure out if he likes you or not. He will be flirtatious with you and be sweet but he also doesn't like girls knowing he likes them so he plays around and is rough. He will call you pretty but change the subject right after he says it. He has the prettiest eyes and he is fun to talk to but he can also be serious when needed to be. He likes girl who are confident, smart, real, and a little bit tough. He hates when girls act dumb to be cute. He finds that stupid and that it makes girl look retarded.
Anna- The guy i met last night was sweet but he wasn't Tylore sweet.
Ashley- Well it is hard to find a guy who is exactly like a Tylore.
by YourBoo_15 January 22, 2014
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