A Draven main and League of Legends streamer, Tyler1 is known for his former toxicity as well as his hella aggro personality as an alpha male. No matter if you're a beta nerd or another alpha male, there's always something to enjoy when he's streaming.

You can find him on twitch.tv/loltyler1
"GET THIS BETA SHIT OFF ME! *screaming*" - Tyler1, ripping a plain white shirt he was wearing.
by Hardstuck Internet October 22, 2018
A 3'4 twitch stream that is most famously known for having a dent in his head.
Player 1: You look like Tyler1
Player 2: I don't have a dent in my head!
by Faneto March 15, 2019
A few facts about Tyler

-he can punch through a wall if he is angry enough

-he has a big head because his brain is giant and filled with muscle

- and yeah
Tyler1 is the strongest being on planet earth
by Robux BoB yt July 11, 2019
Tyler1, real name Tyler Steinkamp, is a now 26 year old Internet personality and streamer on Twitch. He is best known for his League of Legends streams, clips of his spontaneous yelling, and most obviously, for being a 6’5” freak of fuckin alpha nature with a staggering 195 IQ that leaves his foes in shambles. He’s long since broadened his champion select pool in League of Legends to prove that he’s a true five-tool player, and he makes Master ranked lobbies look like a starting NBA Point Guard playing with peewee level children. Tyler1 is the only specimen in history to be both an unstoppable force and immovable object.

Nicknames include: T1, Big T, Tyler1v9, TYLERFKN1
Tyler1: *steals dragon and gets triple kill* FUCKING JUNGLE DIFF PUSSY, SIT THE FUCK DOWN

OMG, That guy just got Tyler1'ed by that nerd
by DlCk In Your mouth November 17, 2016
A High ELO League of Legends Draven main from the NA server who streams on Twitch, mostly known for his toxicity.
His toxicity has caused him over 20 permanently banned accounts, and one indefinetly banned account. He cannot stream League of Legends but he does play in his off-time when he can, he sometimes creates videos called "Tyler1 plays League again." Which is basically him making a commentary of him playing League non-live. He used to have this notepad file called "The int list." (Standing for The Intentional List a.k.a The Intentional Feeding List). This list contains names of people and if he gets them on his team he will run it down mid or in other words Intentionally Feed the enemy team and give them more gold and advantage, or will try to make the person dodge queue, which is basically someone leaving the champion select screen so that the game does NOT start. He oftens uses the phrase "hehe xd" as a little joke.
Tyler1 may seem like a toxic douchebag but he can grow on you once you start watching his streams and YouTube videos.
Person 1: Dude, I just got banned from League.
Person 2: LOL, Tyler1 is that you? hehe xd
by Blitzquick December 7, 2016
A fucking 12 years old kid trapped in a 22 years old man body who get angry every time he dies in a video game by making stupid mistakes. He is also known by his 200+ IQ and his quality content.
Lol, tyler1 is alpha af.
Have you seen that play? That was tyler1 alpha af
by I fucked your mother last week February 9, 2018