Tyden is an amazing guy. He’s shy af first but when you get to know him he turns into a stand up comedian. He’s really popular but only keeps a few real friends. He is really cute but does not always think so. When it comes to girls Tyden likes to stick to one at a time, he’s a nice guy. Girls abuse that and he ends up getting hurt but he’s forgiving. Tyden is really open minded and tries to understand other people’s point in an argument. When you really hurt Tyden or make him mad if you’re close to him he just won’t show for a few days and avoid you, but If he doesn’t like you he will go off and curse you out and won’t care who’s watching. He’s the kind of guy who likes everything straight forward and if you don’t like him tell him he won’t be mad. He can be the sweetest guy in a relationship but you have to show him love first so he know he won’t end up embarrassing himself, he’s not into a girl that flirts with everyone and all in all he’s an amazing person.
by James13512 November 4, 2018
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Tyde is cooler than you, he is independent but loves to laugh with his people who are cool to him, and is sick at everything, period.
Tyde is a sick dude
by SNAPPAHGUY December 31, 2022
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"tite" - something that is cool
that shit is tyde
by 1234 July 31, 2003
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never be a tyde. tyde's will ruin your life forever. they like to date you then cheat on you with your friends because they get bored of you and wanna fuck everyone YOU know. tyde's are NEVER loyal whatsoever. never date one of these things unless you wanna screw up your life FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
Ugh, you see that guy over there? He's a total tyde because he cheated on his girlfriend five fucking times!
by Sweet & Beautiful Girl June 19, 2017
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The og name given to a fucking amazing person who will forever get first choice of usernames ✌️
Tyde-Summer is always drinking Aperol Spritz
by Xoxo TS November 21, 2021
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1. An English rock supergroup, formed in the west midlands in 2012 from the ashes of four of the region's hottest band's, by bassist Dan Jones, singer Carl Grocutt, drummer Mark Brookes, and guitarists Phil Jones and Mark Broome. They are famous for blistering live show's, being 100% sexy, awesome rock music, and a total lack of fashion sense.

2. Rip Tyde is the 3 night Anglo-Saxon Pagan ritual that is held on wychbury hill in stourbridge and is observed by the high priest and the four appointed Wyches who represent the covens of the North,East,South and West to give thanks to Woden(chief of gods, god of war, poetry and mantic ecstasy) by the gathering of flowers/incantation of earth(september 6), lighting of candles/incantation of sky(september 7), sharing of wine/incantation of life(september 8). The words Rip Tyde mean the reaping of good tidings even though it is considered as a black mass.
1.Guy#1-Have you heard anything by Rip Tyde?

Guy#2-Of course,I only listen to awesome music!

2.Guy#1-Dont go up on Wychbury hill,tonight!

Guy#2-Why,whats happening?

Guy#1-Rip Tyde is happening,thats what!
by Cult of Ray July 18, 2013
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