a crappy little town, with chavs who reckon they can jump over 10 foot gates & go into shops, nick something, with thinking that it doesn't go noticed. it's small, is s*itty. & really should have a clean up.
the stourbridge park, where chavs & emos like to start fights, by throwing rocks at each other.
by Shazzlovesyou May 5, 2007
A bunch of thieving cadets
Who enjoy deez nuts
Damn those Stourbridge platoon cadets keep stealing our drill manuals
by Your lordship November 2, 2021
fuck me I mean where do I start, I can’t lie i hear “what’s that in your pocket” more than the shitty maths equations mr nartey who no one knows what fuck he’s saying tryna waffle in ya face 24/7 (sound g tho). Imagine dis ye I pay 36k to stay at this ‘posh school’ when I get in, In the mornings, guess what, mans stuck outside for fucking 25 mins In the freezing cold cuz I ain’t got a fucking key card which their tryna scam their way into making me pay 15 fucking quid for another one, drug game here is shit as no one has experience like I could moretime buy a Z of dust off some next crackhead younger for a fiver and still get licked within 5 seconds of approaching the shit. Biggest bollocks is that these man care more about fucking catching kids with their ‘vape devices’ than getting me my fucking GCSEs. Ain’t done yet so don’t click off, shout out to my guy Mr Kerr he’s a fucking legend. Mr slaphead Perry thinks he’s the shit when one slap on the head would course a fucking earthquake enough to wipe out the wannabe gangsters in the school. Mr coalter or however the fuck u spell it’s name cares more about your fucking creps than ya fucking life, man pays 36k for me to be sitting in the dining hall eating with two fucking spoons cuz they ain’t got no fucking cutlery to give us and slap a bit on the side call that an osh special. But ye fuck me it’s never to late to leave this mockery.
Boy 1: what’s old swinford in Stourbridge

Boy 2: ‘jumps off a bridge
by Suckmatip February 13, 2022