pronouced: (tai-tai)

another word for tired.
person 1: "hey you wanna chill tonight?"

person 2: "nah, im ty ty."
by onetrippynight August 22, 2009
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when your eyes get really heavy after smoking a bong of chron, and drifing away to sleep with such ease.
Man, i cant take that bong anymore, im soooo ty-ty. I could sleep till sunday and its only tuesday.
by Lacey A. July 23, 2008
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A Slang Word Used to Cut off someone in the gang! Used to describe scissors sound While cutting Ty Ty

Developed by Rwandan Artist Mobb Trenchkid
Ty Ty Nkubone kwa so
by Certified Speaker November 25, 2021
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The sweetest, caring guy to ever come across in your life. Has a great sense of humour, a bit shy but once you get to know him he can be pretty chill. Isn't much of a fighting person. Very loveable and nice.
Me: "Omg! Ty is so nice!"
Friend: "I know right! He's such a positive guy!"
by just_that_one_girl February 2, 2018
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Ty, Ty’s are usually handsome,nice, smart, and easy to fall in love with. He is a guy that loves sports(soccer) If a Ty falls in love with you, you are very lucky, he will treat you with respect, kindness, and lots of compliments. When you fall in love with a Ty it’s like nothing else matters, if he says something to you as a friend or more (for example”You’re so pretty,”) it will be like it’s the most ancredable thing in the world. Ty if you are reading this....I love you....Gabi R. ( if you do read this it’s gonna be VERY awkward)
“Ty is so handsome, and nice I wish I would date him!”
by Gabi❤️💗❤️💗 January 15, 2018
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Ty is the cutest, hottest and kindest guy you will ever meet. He is very caring and lovable. If you meet him you will fall in love. For sureeeee
Have you met that guy ty?
No, I haven't but I really want too , he seems cute.
Damn rights he is😉
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