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A day or situation that is uncharacteristically complicated, that takes a long time or a large amount of effort to resolve.
Gemma: Remember that day when we made that homemade bazooka and it accidently went off in your chest? And we ended up at E.R. and the unexploded bazooka shell was stuck in my chest right next to the oxygen line and it took three trainee doctors and a bomb disposal team to diffuse the situation? After that we missed the last bus home and had to walk all the way back?

Glyn: Yeah, that day was a ‘two-parter
by Butty101 June 06, 2011
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After just finishing excretion realising theres more left and having to go again.
Sorry I took so long in the toilet dude, it was a two parter.
by Green Gangster April 12, 2011
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When you belch, think it's over, then let out another bit of belch.
A: burps, burps again
B: That was a wicked two-parter!
by essyjizzenburger February 02, 2017
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