someone who is particularly stupid or dense.
He must be a right "two cocks" because you don't get that stupid sat at home playing with just one!
by BadBeast December 15, 2009
A highschool nickname referring to a homosexual. The reason it is "two-cock" is because it is referring to their own, and one in their ass. This nickname is only given to close friends, as calling a normal homosexual "Two-cock" would be deeply offensive and should absolutely not be practiced.
"What's good, two-cock?"
"Just finishing up some paragraphs for tomorrow. How about you speckle neck?"
by TheHentaiCritic November 1, 2020
Wife: I think we should go to the store.

Husband: I think you should shut your two cock garage.
by Stoney Shaun December 13, 2007
A term given to describe a woman who is (or appears to be) of easy virtue whilst possessing a particularly large mouth.
One which looks like it could comfortably accommodate two cocks simultaneously.
‘What do you think of that Katie Price?’
‘Na she’s not my type, she looks like she’s got a two cock mouth.’
by FizzBangPop! May 26, 2021
A phrase said after crushing an opponent or accomplishing a great feat. Often accompanied by a slowed motion indicating masturbation with parallel cocks.

First used by Soul Caliber IV enthusiast Max Basch of Hampshire College, and henceforth popularized by other gamers of the 5-College Consortium.
"I Have Two Cocks"

Gamer 1: FUCK!
Gamer 2: ZOMG! He just beat you with your best character! ROFLROFLROFL
Gamer 3: I have two coooocks
by Moocowsy July 2, 2009
Child: "I can't decide what to do, mom. Should I lie to my new friend and tell her she looks good even though she doesn't? Or should I come straight out and tell her she looks god awful?"

Mom: "You know son, Two cocks in the mouth is better than three in the ass."

Child: "You're right! Thanks mommy!"
by Jordan (Captain Awesome) November 6, 2006