A group of morons trying to organise a hockey team
Did you hear the consortium turned up to last week's game with 6 players and a 1 legged GK?
by MapleLeaf2021 April 28, 2021
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n. legal phrase someone uses when he or she can't get laid and blames someone else.
After Jenny's husband was killed in a car accident, she sued the other driver for loss of consortium.

After being harassed at work for years by his boss, Bob claimed he couldn't get it up and sued for loss of consortium.

Professor: what claims does someone have if a machine accidentally cuts off their hand?
Law Student: Loss of consortium?
by Judge Learned Hand July 29, 2008
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legal phrase referring to the damages from the lost comfort of a loved one, usually sex.
After Jeff lost his wife in a plane crash he sued Delta for negligence and demanded a million for loss of consortium.
by Quinn Emanuel August 1, 2008
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A word referring to a group of true and false crabs, such as spider crabs, hermit crabs, and blue crabs.
“Look at that consortium of crabs feasting on those dead horseshoe crabs. “

“There are so many of them!”
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Classical Consortium Academy is your generic Christian private school founded in 2006, located at Village Church of Barrington.
They only meet Mondays to set themselves apart.
Move along nothing to see here
Classical Consortium Academy is where I went in middle school, look at me so prim and proper
by RealKGB November 19, 2021
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