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A bob is slang for a British shilling. Two-bob means two shillings. There are twelve shillings in a pound. "Two bob" typically precedes an insult where you are essentially saying the person is worthless.
"Get back inside, you've got nothing on, now mind your bleedin' own you two bob cunt!"
by 10iron February 03, 2019
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An insult, basically a polite way of calling a person a cunt. Referred to in The Libertines song "What a Waster".
To give it a continental feel can be translated in German to 'Zwei Mark'.
"Oi get 'ere you Two Bob!"
by butterflyunderaglass January 08, 2006
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Class bloke with a great attitude towards friends and family.
twobob = respect
by simon hill May 27, 2003
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