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Somebody who uses twitter to keep everyone who follows them informed of their minute by minute activity. The activities are general and meaningless, but the twit thinks that the world gives a damn.
Twitter Twit using twitter:

Twitter Twit: omigod, just had a piss. how great is that!?

Twitter Twit: put the lid down now, phew..

Twitter Twit: having a sip of water, yah!

by visrat March 19, 2009
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someone who uses twitter in stupid ways, or to cause drama, spread rumors.

I can't even deal with Luke anymore, he's such a twitter twit.
by liztastic March 15, 2009
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1)ALWAYS USING TWITTER!They are addicted to it.They make every excuse to get on Twitter and follow Justin Bieber or some other annoying teen star.
2)That bitch who always reports your account because apparently it is HER definition of inappropriate.
1) Joe:Uhm,mom,I need to get home.
Mom:And why is that Joey?
Joe:I have.....gastrointestinal pain.*IN HEAD*:Twitter time baby!
Mom:Fine.Go home.*IN HEAD*:Those DAMNED social networking sites,turning my child into a Twitter Twit.

2)Skye:OMFG!That Twitter Twit reported me!
Huntr:Hate to rain on your parade, was probably because of that TwitPic of your boobs.
by Stuck On Candy Mountain June 24, 2011
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