The body part between the females twat and shitter
I went down on Subo last night and I swear tae fuck a got ma teeth stuck in the tuft a hair protruding out her sweaty twitter!
by FuckinNawMateDeffosNoAGrass December 24, 2016
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A social media site where people can go to express their opinions and share their thoughts. Twitter is not intended to be used as a gate way to singling people out or exposing them. It is also a site where the user should feel safe enough to share whatever they'd like without being targeted in a negative manner.
Twitter User: "today i..."
Twitter User: "I really hate when..."
by Ndjsjzjsnalcnizjwkslc January 18, 2016
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to give a man a blow job and to tickle his testicles with your fingers
hey dude last night steve was so wasted he gave jamal a twitter in front of everyone.
by bobbehsssss February 21, 2011
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A social and media web site promoting random personal text in limited characters to random people helping promote online friendships and more...
People who purchase twitter _itBots are looking for love in the right places, and people talking to these twitter bots are benefiting in potential IRL human friendship{s}, and AI advancement online. TY TWITTER
by Hello uU www site! TY May 21, 2016
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