The most dangerous weapon on the planet.
Oh and also a acholic drink for white girls
Holy shit he just killed that man with a twisted tea.
by T-roy the stud December 29, 2021
The tea that will smack the life out of racists.
1st dude: Hey did you see the vid of the twisted tea guy?
2nd dude: Oh yeah! He spanked this white dude saying the N word with a tea can?
1st dude: That’s the one!!
by rie666 December 29, 2021
The official drink of Philadelphia and Wildwood this delicasey will have you feeling blessed for days. Comes in many flavors However lights are the best flavor
Pass me that twisted tea that’s on the jawn
by B316 May 31, 2018
The official beverage of summer outings and high school parties. Often drank by girls and inexperienced drinkers due to its low alcohol content but not shunned by males like Smirnoff Ice.
Molly got hammered off 4 twisted teas last night, I got a buzz.
by Miles the Magnificent July 30, 2010
Don't mistake the looks of the cans into thinking its beer, it's not! Kids with names like Cole or Brad who like to vape and take snapchats drink these things.
"Hey brad have you seen my twisteds?" "I don't know Cole but I saw the Girl Scout girls walking past the house with a case in their hand you could ask them"

"It's a vape and twisted teas night, full send boys! Blackout night!"
by Rjehh April 10, 2018
The gate-way drink for bitches to drop their panties while you vape like a faggot.
by Heavy D aka (Lardass) December 9, 2018
Twisting rolling papers to put marijuana in to smoke.
"You twist tea for our chill sesh later?"
by angebedreeg September 19, 2013