19 definitions by Miles the Magnificent

The guy's equivalent of dressing up for a night on the town.
If I wanted to get duded up I'd throw on some cargo pants and my Shonen Knife t-shirt.
by Miles the Magnificent September 20, 2010
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That one person at the end of your block, usually retired, who spends anywhere from 20 to 9000 hours a week gardening. Symptoms include crying over your begonias, mowing the lawn 20 hours a week and sneering at the potted plant garden in your office.
Mr. Jenkins is an OCD Gardener. I swear that's the fifth time today he's been out today to fertilize his ginko trees.
by Miles the Magnificent September 16, 2010
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A vintage style sunglass by Ray Ban that is the equivalent of the Wayfarer dressing up for the Baton Rogue. This style is seeing a rise in popularity as the Wayfarer has hit popularity with middle American high school students and thus falls out of the range of hipsters and celebrities alike.
Grandpa, are those the Clubmasters?
by Miles the Magnificent August 13, 2010
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Someone who believes getting a degree is the only and best way to make lots of money. General characteristics include listening to your local top 40 radio station, liking Jim Carrey and following the crowd.
College Millionaire: Haha, smelly carpenter; once I graduate I'll be making 300K a year as my base salary with 401k, dental and 10% annual raises!

Carpenter: ...Okay.
by Miles the Magnificent September 15, 2010
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When a cute guy is all up on your ba-donka-donk during the act of grinding.
You should have seen me last night dancing with Jose when "Drop it Low" came on!

Ooh gurl you had some nice ass candy!
by Miles the Magnificent October 12, 2010
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The parallel universe between lunch and dismissal which seems to slow time down to a fraction of its actual speed.
4th period is like the twilight zone. By the time I got dismissed I ran all the way home in sheer terror.
by Miles the Magnificent September 16, 2010
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