a complete wacko;
someone that has lost total track of who and/or what he/she does on Earth;
not knowing what the purpose of life is.
Dude q-tips are for your ears, not for your ASS! What a twisted fuck!
by StuckTogether69 December 30, 2011
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Those child porn directors were arrested yesterday, twisted fucks.
by cronus81 July 20, 2006
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a very sick and disturbed individual. You don't know what he or she is going to do next. A time bomb waiting to go off.
1. Near the end of the great early-90s movie "Misery" (based on the novel of the same name by literature king Stephen King), the protagonist (a novelist) and the villian (a psychotic woman) are in the basement fighting before the cops arrive. The novelist says to her that she's a "sick twisted fuck" before he shoves her face into the keys of a typewriter. See this movie, you will be tremendously thrilled. It's great for a cloudy night.

2. Gary Glitter is a glam rock superstar of the 70s and 80s. He's scored a tally of hits, the most famous one is probably "Rock'N'Roll Part 2", which is chanted by crowds at stadium events all over the planet. In 1999 he left his computer at a shop for repairs and on the hard disk a massive database of kiddie porn was discovered. He spent a few months in prison in his native UK, then headed to Cuba in disgrace. He later packed up and went to Cambodia. He was kicked out of that country for sexual perversion (that's bad). He then settled in Vietnam and bought a house there. Some neighbors saw him frollicking in a swimming pool with some Vietnamese girls, some as young as 10. Then he took them inside, you can guess the rest. He was arrested, the police found some more kiddie smut on his laptop and he was sentenced to a few years behind bars. He shouted, "Do you know who I am?" during the trial. Well, yes we do know. He's a pervert and a child molester and a sick twisted fuck.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice May 28, 2008
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A cheap, anal retentive moron who runs a mid-sized company. Insinuates himself into every little thing. Refuses to spend money to improve the firm but complains that things don't get done. Masturbates to the junk mail he gets. Also sick twisted disturbed fuck.
Daisy Mae: Do we have any diskettes?

Zeke: We used to. I was told by management we weren't using what we had so I couldn't get my order for more approved.

Daisy Mae: What a sick twisted fuck.
by Krakky McKraken November 5, 2006
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A sex position that emulates that of a Twizzler. May also be used as an adjective in order to exacerbate the obvious fact that you want to fuck that girl in your math class.
Sally fuck twisted John to death.

I wish to fuck-twist you to death.
by Jawsh1 October 16, 2011
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1) Someone whose ribcage you'd like to tear open with the claw end of a hammer so you can defecate in his chest cavity.

2) Somebody who should have his head nailed to the floor while being sodomized with a cheesecloth-sack full of a thousand angry bees.
Zeke: My request for a new chair was rejected because of that sick twisted disturbed fuck. I tell ya, someone ought to force him at gunpoint to face-fuck a wild boar.
by Krakky McKraken November 5, 2006
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When someone refers themselves to being so fucking twisted it means they're absolutely fucking flying. Which is also known as being severely under the influence of drugs. In other words you're very fucking high. Normally this happens after the exhale of a fat pipe of top quality crack cocaine.

Nothing comes close to the feeling of being in the complete state of pure euphoric bliss when exhaling a pipe of crack.

Which is also known as the term "Crackgasm".

This is as close as you're getting to an orgasm, without the pissing about and wasting your valuable time of any sexual activities.

Time is money, stop wasting it.
Smoke a pipe for complete and utter satisfaction!

Now let's play a game of "Pass the crack pipe!"

The aim of the game is to get as twisted as you can. Achieving that, you win the game.

Jay goes first.
Her: "Can I make a pipe please Jamie? Sure you don't mind?"

Him: "Yeah 'course man, you don't need to ask. Just help yourself. I love seeing you so fucking twisted, G."
by WatzCrackaLackinMate August 14, 2019
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