A social media that let's you lip sync any song you want, and you post it. That's it. It's a social media for lip syncing.

The people that seem to get their hands on this app the most are young white teenagers who think they are cool when in reality, they aren't. There are actually a few lucky young white teenagers get rich and famous of of lip syncing for some reason, and when they actually have to do something with their fame (like making a music video) they find out quick that they actually have no talent.

To be honest, it doesn't really matter if your famous or not on Music.ly, because every single Music.ly out there makes me want to kill myself.
Doctors now order for people to stay off Music.ly because too many people have been getting cancer from it.
by TRASH CENTRAL August 16, 2016
Spelled music.ly, music.my is a very popular social media app that allows the user to record and post videos of themselves or others dancing to music.
Most younger cell phone users use this app.
It has also became an internet meme because many people have the opinion that it is cringey.
Hey, did you see my friends music.ly post?

Wow, this is is cringey as music.ly
by ToXicsp1der November 2, 2017
A(n) app that is a Vine rip off that "mature teenage girls" use to lip sync to popular songs since they a) can't use snapchat because of their parents or b) they to do this crap on Snapchat and got banned from it
Bill: hey what is Music.ly like?
Bob: It's Vine, but with more stupid white kids
Bill: Oh
*Burns phone after downloading*
by Prophet of the Memes May 13, 2016
Kids that won’t succede in life so they go on this gay app to try to get laid or definition two they just wanna get laid.
Oi boy that kid has music.ly what a gay kid XD LOL.
by THE GAY NUGGET January 11, 2018
An app most teenagers use to make lip-sync videos. People get famous on it for some reason. All you do is lip-sync and do hand-gestures. Basically wasting your time. I still love it though so...
I'm so famous on music.ly.
by Sugar_queen_xo March 5, 2017
An app where you see nudes dancing on your phone/tablet/ipad/whatever. Possibly the worst app to ever exist.
Friend: I love music.ly!
Me: *murders friend*
by AlkiGD March 6, 2018
A sneaky app for preteens and teenagers, to wear as little clothing as possible, without being apprehended by a parental figure, while dancing to the most sexual songs of the radio, shaking parts of their body that will not even develop for years for many of Its users. The magical land where "my daddy didn't love me enough" is created and The beginning of every thot's journey.
Friend 1 "Dude there's this chick on music.ly that's damn fine."
Ex Friend 2 *hangs up phone and procedes to do a background check on Friend 1 for possible child sexual predator charges.
by amozonsavedmymarriage April 25, 2018