A simple yet hilarious routine from South Park, originating in the first episode in which Kyle kicks his adopted Canadian brother like a football.
Kyle: Ready Ike? Kick the baby!
Ike: Don't kick the baby.
Kyle: Kick the baby!
*punts Ike*
by MarshoTripps August 17, 2009
when you are so mad you could kick a baby
im so mad i could kick a baby or something tiny and cute
by Cdawg5437 August 15, 2007
A empty threat spit out when so angery you do not speak propurly creating nonsense.
Guy one: Red wings suck
Guy two: Well well! Kick your babies!
by Rondore lord of hos March 20, 2010
When u are so angry you are willing to locate an innocent baby,finding and marking it's soft spot then after placing it appropriately kicking said baby in the well marked soft spot with all the strength you can muster.
When I found out that guy ripped me off and I wasn't getting my dope I was so angry I wanted to dry kick a baby in the soft spot!! Fucking goof!!!
by PRINCESS NUT BUCKET October 3, 2022
Every 11th of January you maybe kick any baby without getting arrested
It's National kick Babies day
Approach the baby kick the baby, baby goes '' ahhhh''.
by D3n1ss January 2, 2021