A gay man who is both a twink and a skank.
-Ughhh. Tim is such a twank.

-A what?

-He's both a twink and a skank. Hence, twank.
by AlexChris13 October 08, 2016
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Twank = Twitter Skank. They follow everyone and anyone on twitter in hopes of that person then following them to boost their numbers. Also known as a Random Follower!
Jane is such a Twank, she followed another 1,000 people today and has no interest in any of them.
by Athalonius November 04, 2011
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An over-the-hill twink.

The twink is the slender, often androgynous gay sprite, usually in his twenties, who can be seen in a variety of venues frequented by gay men.

The twank is the twink long past his prime.
C'est dommage! He was so fetching fifteen years ago, but now that dusty twank is only a shadow of what he'd been.
by Bud J. August 09, 2009
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A slang term often used in place of the word twenty. A "y" can also be added to the end of this word. It is synonymous with the slang term known as dub.
"I ran out of kill last night, so I'm going to get another twank(y) sack."

"Check out that Escalade sitting on twank(y)-fours."
by TWANK One July 12, 2006
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Nice rims on a car, normally chrome.
Damn! Check out the twanks ojn that honda!
by joe February 27, 2004
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