1) one who has the ability to improvise on a phonograph turntable
2) "one who uses the turntable in the spirit of a musical instrument" (Dj Babu)
3) a musician; a hip-hop disc jockey who in a live/spontaeneous situation can manipulate or restructure an existing phonograph recording (in combination with an audio mixer) to produce or express a new composition that is unrecognizable from its original ingredients.
by DJ Conan December 5, 2003
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Also known as a "wordDJ/word", The turntablist is a DJ who strictly Scratches, meaning he manipulates the records live in order to make new songs. His art form is know as "word Turntablism/word.
"DJ Q-Bert, Mix Master Mike and DJ Fizix are all Turablists."
by FiZiX August 8, 2003
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a word coined by Dj Babu(Beat Junkies). turntablist - a person who has been dj'ing for many and multiplte years, having achieved and mastered the beginning levels of djing like mixing (matching b.p.m. and counts on any two musical records)and programming (mixing two different songs that have similar style and "match" each other so you can not notice the transition between the two). a TRUE turntablist can dissect any quantization rhythym on two records and innovate and manipulate the sound LIVE, in realtime to make their own different rhythyms, using a mixer: which switches the sound between the 2 turntables thus giving the option of switching sound from record to record, using a crossfader. when this art is done in a recognizable quantized rhythym this is known as BEAT JUGGLING. another part of turntablism is the skratch. this is when you use one record to play a song, and you use the mixer to switch on and off the sound of your fingers manipulating the other record's sound. there are hundreds of intricate patterns and combinations of record movement along with simoltaneously fader movement which gives the sound of a speedy, intricate, clean instrument (kind of like a drummer's quantization). REAL turntablists' scratches and beat juggles follow the general rules of western music quantization. a REAL tablist does not just scratch, for that is only ONE aspect to the art ... keep this art alive ... dont seel yourself short!! many years of learning and practice and persistance and discipline in this art is the only way you can be honestly called a turntablist.
dj qbert, mixmaster mike, dj craze, the X-ecutioners, dj a-trak, dj pound are all real turntablists. a real turntablist knows how to beat juggle and scratch seemlessly.
by danny elbee September 6, 2006
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One who uses the turntables in the spirit of an instrument; whereas ordinary DJ's simply stand there and play two records, a turntablist scratches and manipulates his vinyl, and supplements it with breakbeats and samples.
DJ Premier, Alchemist, and Eric Barrier are all examples of true turntablists.
by Marxist April 11, 2004
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A person who uses the phonograph as a musical instrument in any form or style of music ! Created in the fall of "94" THE REAL CREATER TURNTABLIST DJ.DISK
A turntablist uses one turntable and one mixer to cause a musical skratch fusion ! !
by Turntablist INFORMER September 16, 2007
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1. Someone who manipulates music or sounds to make new music, typically by using two or more turntables and a cross fader-equipped DJ mixer

2. Music that is so God awful that it's prejudice to the device (i.e turntable) that you are using to play it.
1. That turntablist is good at DJing

2. Turn off that Placido Domingo album right now you're being Turntablist
by ក្រវ៉ាន់ November 12, 2022
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The smoothest coolest guy to ever spin a 4:20
Hey did you see that chucky turntablist blaze a 4:20 in Rammy last night ?
Yeah man hes the coolest
by GeorgeFrancis July 31, 2018
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