An expression used to display disbelief, and a put down to those telling "porky pies"; (bullshit stories)
"I just had a wild night of hot sex with Jennifer Hawkins man!"... "Turn it up dude!"
by Melanie Walsh June 10, 2006
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A phrase that today usually means 'turn the volume up' but in the 1950s it meant the same as 'give it up' 'stop' 'quit'.
Tony Hancock in The Foreign Legion (1958-04-15) "Dear big head. I hate you, everyone down our street hates you, why don't you turn it up?"
by Shtumpf November 7, 2012
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To have a good time right before going out... Usually at night. Also: Getting ready to have a good time.
What up man, what are you doing tonight?

Party at my place, were gunna turn it up!
by CaliChris650 January 18, 2010
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similar to saying bottoms up or take it to the head ; said when proclaiming the "turning up" of one's bottle/drink glass (usually alcohol)
Martha Stewart takes a swig of Jose Cuervo Gold before blending an Autumnal drink.
Guest Mo'nique says "Turn it up Martha! Turn it up" and does the same herself.
The audience whoots and applauds
Marha: "I said it was my favorite"
---MARTHA STEWART show November 3rd episode: 20 More Things You Should Know & Mo'Nique
by KiM_NJ November 3, 2006
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Getting to that next level in the night, like when you're out with the bros and everyone but you is uncommitted to go to the next bar.
Me: Let's go to the strip club.

Friend: Dude, it's getting kind of late and I have a huge presentation in the morning...

Me: Yo, turn it up

Friend: Do you have any singles?
by Da Dirty Dave September 26, 2013
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term used to express serious doubt as to the credibility of an alleged fact, opinion or event.
"You've had too much, leave the premises!"
by ROYCE SLAVEN May 5, 2003
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Turn It Up Verb-(English: TURN!~IT!~UP!....T.I.U)
"To enhance and refine life experiences in order to achieve the optimal outcome in turn increasing the value of excellence."

Origin: 2009 The 12 Centennial Park, Atlanta Ga-T Brown
Synonyms: Crank It Up, Get It in, Lets Do it, Improvement, Enhancement Refinement

Antonyms: Turn it Down, Turn't down,Stop, No, Cant, Complacency, Under achiever, Normality

Related forms: Turn't up, Turned Up,
Damn im sober TURN IT UP shots shots shots

I got a raise TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Travis D. Brown November 15, 2010
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