City in Finland, Europe. 175000 inhabitants, former capital of state, until Helsinki named new capital in 1812.
Peoples in Turku speak odd dialect of finnish which sounds funny.
mää ole Turkkusest!
I'm from Turku
by matti April 6, 2005
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dutch slang for a person who comes from Turkey
This goes out to my turkus in the ghetto
by Jayjaygee May 16, 2006
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"the Turku maneuver", "do the Turku", "the Turku style"

International slang term for smuggling drugs or other tiny objects in one's rectum. Originates from the Finnish phrase, "Turku on Suomen persereikä", as in "Turku is the anus of Finland".

May also refer to anal intercourse.

May also refer to a gay couple.
"Dayme, d'you see that? He passed the customs with the Turku maneuver."

"I've done the Turku so many times it's become a natural."

"The Turku style has become much more popular lately."
by Zarigus November 24, 2011
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Turku drift is when you drift on Finnish snow.
"Now goes the Turku drift"
or in Finnish

"Nythtee Turku drifti"
by Kessu February 28, 2021
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Someone from Turkey or part of a Turkish-speaking population. The most wonderfully Seussical racist slur you can get.
To your right you will see a Turkus McGurkus. These critters are pink, small, and have tails.
by kek! August 9, 2007
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A snob who likes to wear non fancy clothes to not stand out in publiv
by Pelikanen October 25, 2020
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