usually a large blob or log of fecal matter shot and expelled from an anus in a most satisfying manner. A collection of these masses dropped in a fine deuce like manner will cause whats known as "breaking water". This is where the amount of turd is so great it stacks in a shape that breaks the precipice of toilet water level.

"go eat a turd sandwich"
"you are such a turd"
"I got to go turd my pants"
by skankinmat April 23, 2007
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Turd is an acronym for Toyota Urban Racing Development. Toyota was all set to stamp TURD on the side of their trucks in an attempt to make trucks more appealing to city dwellers, hence urban and racing being part of the logo. Just prior to shipping the trucks to the US Toyota learned what turd ment in english, so now their trucks are stamped TRD. Urban has been left out.
Hey did you see that new Toyota truck? It's a TURD!
by froolap April 16, 2010
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You know what a turd is: a piece of shit.

All good poofters and dykes know how to have fun with turds: they just fist their buddies and pull turds right out of the poop chute. But there are other ways to have fun with turds. Here's how to make turd puppets of your least favorite characters.
Tie a pretty red ribbon around one end of a turd. Presto! You have a Blood!
Tie a pretty blue ribbon around one end of a turd and you have a Crip!
Put a big dab of grease on one end of a turd and you have a Pachuco!
Put a clump of yellow thread on one end of a turd and you have Hillary Clinton!
Stick a cell phone on one side of a turd and a Starbucks cup on the other side. Stick it in the driver's seat of a minivan or an SUV and you have a soccer mom!
Stick a handful of credit cards into a turd and plop it in the driver's seat of any car with an automatic transmission. You have a Yuppie!
Stick a woodent mallet into a turd and plop it on a walnut desk. You have an activist liberal judge! Odor in the court, the judge is eating beans.
Isn't this fun? Practice at home and you can have fun with turds too!

by Delicious Tuna Wanda October 11, 2007
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1.Person that apparently originated in the 1900s
2.Person who has impregnated 2 baby mamas and gained 2 kids.
3.Person who has never got a college degree and owes undisclosed amount of loan money.
4.Pays child support and alimony to ex wives.
5.Person prefers to date underage or female in teens to suffice their urge of young women.
6.Person switches team every so often.
7.Person has defiled 3rd world countries.
8.Todd=Toad=T.O. Double Ds=Turd
O.M.G Turd (a 42 year old irish/mex dude) is dating a 25 year old girl who's suffering from early life crisis.

Turd claims he hates all africans and asians living in america, Turd is the worst of all racism entity in the world.

We as minorities must join forces and stop the spread of the influence Turd has begun. None of our children are safe from this, the past, present, and future are all at risk.

Turd is the one beginning about the end in 2012.
by SaveTheChildren November 29, 2010
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a huge fat curly shit tht curls out of ur ass like a snake and lands on the ground( or loo) in a long spiral. dogs genearlay do huge turds in the street. watch your feet
"Omfg u stoon in those TURDS!"
"My ass really hurts i just did a huge TURDs!"
by jenny jay October 29, 2006
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