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A particular breed of male, aged in his late teens to mid 30's, who meets 4 or more of the following diagnostic criteria:

1. Tight curly hair
2. Pointed chin, accentuated by a delicate goatee beard
3. Slim build
4. Sturdy flanks
5. Hooves
6. A tentative, faun-like gait

Generally of Caucasian stock, often hailing from the Scottish Highlands but found cantering and startled all over the British Isles.
"Christ, did you see that guy Liz nearly pulled? He was such a fucking Tumnus!"

"I'm pretty sure there is a Tumnus working at my office. He keeps proffering turkish delight, looking nervously at trees and urging me to hush. I hope he leaves soon."

"Ha ha! Your cousin is a total Tumnus! That means you carry the gene! Gross!"

Gary Lucy
Justin Timberlake (when he was in N-Sync especially)
Ryan Giggs
Matthew McConnaughty
by Lizabeast May 14, 2010
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A name which can be given to any physical ailment to the body, usually used for vomiting, but acceptable in all other cases.
'Oh no, Josh has caught the tumnus! He's not looking too great.'
by micropig February 17, 2013
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Origin - Tumnus is the Faun from C. S. Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe."
Verb - to tumnus - to "fawn" over someone or something.
I tumnus over Scarlett Johansson every time I see her.

She tumnussed all over herself when John Cusack showed up on screen.

Quit tumnussing, you're making me feel insecure.
by Z.J.M. March 27, 2010
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taken from the chronicles of narnia, the lion, witch and the wardrobe. mr tumnus a half human, half goan man (faun) being divided at the pube line. when a mans pubic line is showing over ill fitting trousers, including pelvis lines this is known as his tumnus.
'look at bens tumnus!'
by mat'n'dave May 28, 2004
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Mr. Tumnus is a riotous fellow, in addition to the chronicles of Narnia fellow. True, Lewis Carrol did mention the words long ago, but today's Mr. Tumnus is a go-getter. He has a son, a job, and drove a Trans Am with a 455 V8 in college. Often seen kicking ass and taking names, Mr. Tumnus co-invented drive-by groans, spew, smoking out of Presto cups, and a managerie of tricks awesome to behold. He is truly a one of kind American icon
Mr. Tumnus is our friend, he has rules, but they will bend.
by Bob September 18, 2004
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To tumnus is when someone drinks too much too fast, and is the first one at the party to pass out. Usually this person can be found somewhere very uncomfortable such as on the fireplace ledge, or on the backyard patio. They will usually wake up feeling like a woodland creature of some type.
1)"Hey, where did Scottie go? He has my beer."

2)"Dude, he Tumnused out in the bushes. We caution taped him off though."
by LGT 420 February 05, 2010
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A strange creature with fake legs, some suspect made made of surgical metal. This known inhabitant of Narnia, enjoys his garden and often receives visits from his male gendered "friends." No one is quite sure why he loves company so much. What's even more puzzling is how his company likes him so much considering his appalling hard to stomach appearance. This bearded creature is ill tempered and will easily reach for a firearm if offended, harmed, mocked, pissed, and etc. Basically if he can't handle his situation his trigger finger can.
You a Tumnus lookin' boy!
by BigDaddy231 August 09, 2015
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