When two people mess around on a bed or couch by tickling, poking, pinching, or any manner of playful physical contact in a loving, fun manner.
"So what do you want to do tonight honey?"

"Watch some TV and go to bed, probably."

"Nooo! Why don't we play some cards or *tumble around for a while!"

"Alrighty then, tumbling it is!"

*Alternate forms of Tumbling can be used openly
by LaNeesh January 24, 2010
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Flipping upside down... Boys and girls tumble just for fun. People also tumble in sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and power tumbling.
Person 1: What is tumbling?
Person 2: Backhandsprings, cartwheels, roundoffs, tucks, fulls, doubles, ect...
by The tumbler June 1, 2012
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When your rolling in a hamster wheel with rocks in it
by Trovitompson March 30, 2023
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the act of posting anything on Tumblr
"Whatcha doin"
"Not much, just Tumbling."
by catherine99 September 6, 2016
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The act of attempting to engage in sexual intercourse but being too drunk to insert your penis into the desired receptacle.
"I tried to fuck her last night but just ended up tumbling"
by Glenn Carnahan January 8, 2007
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