A person who can flip; like in cheerleading. AKA backhandsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls; etc.
Robby goes to tumbling every Tuesday, he is not good at all.

by Kuhn Dawg. March 10, 2008
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When two people mess around on a bed or couch by tickling, poking, pinching, or any manner of playful physical contact in a loving, fun manner.
"So what do you want to do tonight honey?"

"Watch some TV and go to bed, probably."

"Nooo! Why don't we play some cards or *tumble around for a while!"

"Alrighty then, tumbling it is!"

*Alternate forms of Tumbling can be used openly
by LaNeesh January 24, 2010
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Jewelery for your belly
Woah check out Hollie's tum-bling!
Person 1: Woah look at the ring in that belly!
Person 2: I know! Tun-bling or what!
by SirPimpington December 28, 2009
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Flipping upside down... Boys and girls tumble just for fun. People also tumble in sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and power tumbling.
Person 1: What is tumbling?
Person 2: Backhandsprings, cartwheels, roundoffs, tucks, fulls, doubles, ect...
by The tumbler June 01, 2012
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The rumbling of one's tummy when one is hungery.
Robert: I haven't eaten anything since breakfast and I'm really tumbling. Listen to my stomach!

Billy: Yeah, I can hear your stomach from across the room!
by fishies4ever August 15, 2011
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