A small town with very little significance in this universe. Filled with illegal immigrants, snobby rich families and their children who believe they are the shit, and approximately 4 decent human beings. Filled to the brim with conservatives who prefer to argue not with logic, but with their "morals" and quotations from Scripture that they do not even understand. Liberals are looked down upon as well as anyone who is not a Protestant or Catholic. (However, it must be noted that those who claim to have a clear set of morals are often the ones being the most immoral in town)

Visiting Tulare is a great idea if:

(1) you need to find mindless conservatives to argue with,

(2) are in desperate need of a dirty whore or a trick

(3) have a desperate urge to go cow tipping

(4) the incredible Tulare Western Marching Band and Colorguard, formerly under the direction of Raymond Ferenci.
I never realized how ignorant these upper-class kids in Tulare were until they tried to debate politics.

She's a trick!

Cows is the dumbest people.

Cool Kid (AKA fucktard): Look at my lifted truck. I'm so cool.
ASB Whore: OMG you're trying to appear like you are more of a man by driving a truck and peeling out of the parking lot every day. Let's fuck.

Spoiled Rich Kids reading this: This is so not true! My daddy is going to sue!
by OMGIAMCOOLNOW December 15, 2008
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The center of a county which supplies over one quarter of all foodstuffs of the United States, and one of the largest dairy products and citrus producing counties in the world. Also, part of a region which produces over two thirds of all foodstuffs in the United States. Home to the largest farm equipment exposition in the world. In summary, a top contender for the titles of agricultural capital of the country and of the world, and key to the development of agricultural techniques.
Dairy is an integral part of Tulare's economy.
by agrunner09 December 22, 2008
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A small town in California full of crybaby liberals that drive Prius’s and conservatives with sick lifted truck with tires that are louder than there exhaust . Tulare is the hottest part of California and everyone either goes to pismo beach or chick fil a for fun because there is nothing to do there.
Hey let’s go to pismo to get out of Tulare for a few days
by Someone that’s not you August 19, 2020
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A small city smack in the middle of CALIFORNIA. Ever wanted to see a shitload of cows shitting everywhere? If answered Yes....... the Tulare might be the place for you.
Hey did you see E & J & J Brandy play last night in Tulare????? They were awesome
by EzB March 4, 2008
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A county in the southern Central Valley of California. It is known for its agriculture, but it also has the highest percent of population living in poverty in California and one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the state. Less than 1 in 5 high school graduates go to college. Gang violence is common. Is also known as a "black hole" by teenagers due to the high numbers of college graduates that somehow end up back in the hole where they grew up. Finally, its air quality makes Los Angeles look like the center of the EPA.
"I'm from Visalia, in Tulare County."
"Dude, that sucks."
by visaliastudent November 3, 2008
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