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Tselena is the name of a pairing/ couple shipping of two characters, named Tseng and Elena from the highly popular Square Enix Role Playing Game (RPG) Final Fantasy VII (FFVII).

The two work as assassins (Turks) for the Shinra company. Though it is stated in the game by another Turk (Reno) that Elena has a crush on Tseng, her feelings don't seem to be reciprocated in the game. In the CGI sequel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Tseng and Elena work together and it is unknown if any type of relationship, other than professional, exists between them as Tseng's previous love interest (Aerith/ Aeris Gainsborough) was killed in the game. As Elena's attraction for Tseng was actually present in the game, Tselena is considered a canon/ semi-canon pairing in the Final Fantasy fan base.
by Kisara Strife September 11, 2008
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