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Trumpsexual is a term used for anyone who has dick rode and bandwaggoned Donal Trump so much that Trump has become the basis of their sexuality and life. A Trumpsexual is likely to tell you some of the most blasphemous things you will ever hear. For example "Donald Trump Is the G.O.A.T" or "Trump is better than Obama" and any other insane, not even logical shit they can think of. A Trumpsexual is literally the most annoying person ever. That will tell you Trump is the greatest but not tell you why and then whenever you tell them Trump lost more votes than he has won. They will blame 'fake news' instead of giving him any blame. A Trumpsexual tends to bring up other politicians like Clinton to change the topic away from Trump. A Trumpsexual is literally in a full fledged relationship with Donald mentally. and they will defend their boo with their life. Its quite sad honestly. Most of them don't even understand politics.
Pete- Hey man, you see Obama's last speech on unity? It was dope. So well said.

Daryl- Yeah, but see Trumps speech against the libtards 2 weeks ago. He has the best words.

Pete- yeah, but Obama's speech was a monumental moment.

Daryl- Trump is way better than Obummer anyway. Check out my 'Make America Great Again' hat and my camo jacket.

Pete- what did you do with your clan robes?

Daryl- Put in the closet in case he tells us its ok to wear them in public again.
Pete- Oh (awkward pause)

Daryl- Obama sucks, Trump is better than Obama and FDR combined

Pete- FDR realigned American politics and helped lead us through most of WWII, Obama was the first non white US president, and passed some monumental reforms. Trumps approval rating is 36%. Trump would not be shit without the money he inherited. He is a joke. He isn't even in the top 20 presidents. You are dickriding him

Daryl- yeah well what about Hillary Clinton dude, she lost all those emails and benghazi stuff.

Pete- Changing the topic like a trumpsexual does.
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by COVFEFETER June 12, 2017
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