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A form of democracy where politicians set their platforms according to what the lowest common denominator thinks and then half-truth their way into power; essentially telling the dumbest portion of the electorate what they want hear, no matter how obnoxious or deluded. The winner is the leader who can amass the greatest number of credulous voters. Also know as 'postruthocracy'.
The Brexiters took a leaf out of the US's book and led Britain into a Trumpocracy post-Brexit
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by FedUpWithCrowers July 31, 2016
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Trumpocracy is what happens when Donald J. Trump is elected President of the United States combining Trump's style of political Incorrectness with a 1 to 5 Star Rating System that clearly demonstrates what the people of this country truly want and need.
Using the new model of Democracy - or Trumpocracy, the American people are able to check and balance the wacky ideas that come out of Washington D.C.
by UberReligion November 15, 2016
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