3 definitions by olDocGold

A fart made by someone in an otherwise empty elevator that lingers after people get on. Named in honor of Newt Gingrich who always seems to linger where he is not wanted.
Yeah man, sorry that was my newt gingrich...I didn't think anyone else was getting on...damn thats embarrassing!
by olDocGold May 18, 2011
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To shamelessly kiss the ass of Donald Trump while vying for a position in his cabinet or administration.
Mitt Romney has been orangenosing hard for the Secretary of State position.
by olDocGold November 30, 2016
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Crushing and combining adderall and xanax into a fine powder and snorting copious amounts prior to a presidential debate.
You could tell he'd been Trumping by his incessant sniffing, vacant stare and inability to form a cogent policy statement.
by olDocGold October 09, 2016
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