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The self-inflicted, career-killing act perpetuated upon oneself, possibly unwittingly, when attempting to publicly demean or defame another powerful individual regardless of intent.
Kathy Griffin unknowingly committed 'Trumpicide' when performing a stunt involving the effigial, bloody head of the sitting President of the United States.
by BigHarpe June 03, 2017
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When you kill yourself to make America great again. A practice that is very popular with the Republicans.
"After being a he was loyal supporter of Bernie for so long....I was shocked when he commited Trumpicide."
by ThatOneKidFromChemistry May 23, 2016
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Inadequate and Unaffordable health insurance and the resulting deaths caused by it.
My ACA insurance was repealed and replaced, so I had no choice but to commit Trumpicide
by Balcony Bob March 09, 2017
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