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Can refer to either:
(1) The scandal that is already brewing over how "The Donald" ever got told "you're hired".
(2) Any of the guarded entrances to the yet-to-be-constructed "great wall" between the US and Mexico; construction could get underway a heck of a lot sooner if Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto would just get his ass in gear and agree to **pay for said wall**...
Did it ever occur to ol' Mussed-Up Hair that HE'S brought Trumpgate down upon HIMSELF due to his OWN blind arrogance and insufficient basic logical reasoning?? Hasn't it occurred to him that perhaps one of the main reasons he's having such a difficult time convincing President Nieto to pay for The Wall might be that Mexico simply DOESN'T POSSESS THE MONEY for such a colossal project?!?? Helloooooo --- the very reason that the wall is supposedly needed --- illegal Mexican immigration into the US to obtain employment --- is that so many Mexicans are too poor to sustain themselves in Mexico without supplemental income from the US, and so that indicates that there is ALREADY insufficient capital in Mexico MERELY TO PROVIDE A BASIC LIVING FOR ITS CITIZENS, let alone to provide additional funds to build a huge wall hundreds of miles long!
by QuacksO March 22, 2017
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When a co worker who is stood up trumps in the face of a co worker who is seated behind. The victim may allocate points based on tone and duration and the anniversary of the event must be celebrated by all in attendance every year until the person retires or someone else in the office soils themselves.
Today marks the one year anniversary of trumpgate, may it linger on.
by Officerules July 04, 2016
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