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1. A believer who is serious about (his/her) moral in Jesus Christ. Whose main goal is to please God more than (himself/herself). Who does not take sinning lightly. Not a hypocrite.
2. Christ-like. Learns and takes after (mimics) Jesus Christ’s qualities, teachings, habits, lifestyle. A believer who has great faith, trusts in God's word, hopeful outlook on life, or at least pursues - or meditates on perfecting his faith daily. A believer who has strong love for his enemies and natural affection towards anyone. A believer who is very obedient to all of God's commands (what he requires). Holy. Without spot blemish or wrinkle in their daily walk.
3. A failure in his faith, or nonbeliever who self examines and recognizes his sins, faults, accepts Jesus Christ as God, is sorry for his sins and repents. May still fail, but still aims for spiritual perfection daily.
1. He/she walks after the spirit daily so he/she does not walk after the fleshly desires, neither after the world, neither after materialism or earthly treasures, has not pride, and obeys Gods commands. They want to be a True Christian.
2. He/she lives the way Jesus does. He/she tries or does perfect his/her faith, love, obedience, and relationship with God daily. This is the life of a True Christian.
3. Even though he/she has been a failure for what God wants, his/her heart is broken and is hungry for God's spirit to conquer the law of sin and death. He/she understands in being perfection spiritually living a life without sin; being obedient to God with their whole heart daily. He/she is more justified to be a True Christian.
by penninja February 19, 2007
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