Term to describe your ex-girlfriend's distraught emotional state after you break up with her
A: Have you seen your ex lately?
B: Yeah.. Dude she's so trucked..
by Ragpappy May 24, 2010
A replacement word for "fucked". Normally used to describe a person being plowed with an abnormally large penis with the a lot of force.
Yo I trucked that bitch last night.
by a random king January 23, 2011
When you are hit by a truck and get transported to another world
"The MC gets trucked and gets hella pussy in this other world."
by Ayayayayayayayayayayaya April 23, 2018
To steal or cleverly take without permission.
Your car just got trucked!
Somebody trucked my wallet.
Your stuff just got trucked.
by rriley January 23, 2009
In rural U.S.A. when two farmers, old guys, or buddies pull up next to each other in vehicles, usually pickup trucks, and have a conversation without leaving the vehicle. A truck truck usually occurs in the middle of any random small town street or intersection, but rarely disrupts traffic, as most just drive around.
Truck truck this morning at the DQ, I had to drive around. I think it was Bubba and B-Rod. Musta been raining too much to swath.
by FiddleZilla September 12, 2008
It's getting late. Imma truck it back to the hizzie.
by Mandy1341 February 12, 2008