When you're having a low moment.

Just like a graph, there are peaks, and troughs, nobody wants to trough

Includes: poor performance, embarrassment, mistakes.
Ah last night I was troughing, I was sick and everything. MAJOR TROUGH.
by Wkd_Kid_2K11 December 22, 2011
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A state of extreme blocked-ness following the consumption of an exceedingly large amount of hard alcoholic beverages (eg. fruit shoot, ribena). There comes a stage when you tip over into the trough. If deep in the trough you will find it hard to escape and may have to accept the inevitable night of memory-less carnage. The trough can be a happy place but also a deep dark jungle of vomitting and tonguing fattys.
"Sweet mother of God in heaven! ! I was so far down in the trough last night...I very much regret licking that hobo's face. Still had a good night, legend! ;("

"Hope eivissa has a 10m platform as I'll be swan diving into the trough"
by dirtymike1990 December 8, 2013
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My whole life has been a lie, why should it make sense for anything negative to be described by a work which is associated with positive connotations? Yes you’re getting there.. it shouldn’t

The context of peak is completely linguistically inaccurate. Being politically correct, something ‘peak’ should actually be described as something ‘trough’ because of the unquestionable knowledge that through is by definition associated with things that are down and below, a much more appropriate connection to something being bad. See there you have it, we’ve done it, we’ve broken the system and all I can say is, you’re welcome.
‘Mate I’ve got a 9am tomorrow,’... ‘ah mate that’s so trough
by Haroldphiliplovespom November 13, 2019
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An extremely excessive or unnecessary amount of one particular thing.
Shelby, I feel like a goddamn elf carrying your trough of keys around. Like why do have this many keys on one chain?
by Ama'd February 11, 2018
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The trough is a name for the police station, named because the police are referred to as pigs.
Look at all those pigs at the trough.
by abcdefghi76543 June 30, 2015
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Putting cocaine around a woman's flaps then vigourously eating her out whilst snorting up the coke. Generally done to multiple women in a single sesh.
"What IS that noise?!"
"Aaah that's just Tom troughing a couple of birds upstairs"
by Fort@78 June 2, 2016
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English slang for intercourse (by context, usually rough sex).
"I could give her (or him!) a right good troughing."
by Alex.T July 31, 2006
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