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When one focuses all thought to walking. Tromping most often occurs after smoking weed or after taking psychedelics. To become aware of a tromp, simply focus all of your mind on the simple act of moving your feet.
"I tromped my brains out on the beach"
by hakken1218 September 26, 2011
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a combonation of trample and romp
to run over or run onto something, even moreso than in a romp.
we, we TROMPED that fat woman's lawn...
by Teh Whore September 09, 2003
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To walk around with pride and joy. Especially in high heels. The act itself is very fun when in extremely high heels.
Hey, check out that chick trompsing down the street.

i got this new pair of heels the other day which are great to tromps in
by cat cat meow August 23, 2009
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1. to rev your truck

2. an action commonly performed by exotic dancers-- with the aid of the pole she drops straight to the ground, legs spread open, knees bent, cooch close to the floor, most often leaving her trademark "tromp stamp".

3. a 'woman-on-top' position where she balances on her feet and ravishes her force on his dick-- a frog inspired motion.
1. Babe, quit driving like a grandma and tromp down on that gas pedal!

2. The exotic dancer snatched his hat away from him, threw it on the stage and tromped down on that thing.

3. Dang she was trompin' on me so good I couldn't help but bust a nut! Shoot.
by meat gazers July 20, 2011
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