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Noun: A trolley is an object that gets you from A to B.


1. To Trolley:

To trolley is to move from one position to another usually on command. One can also trolley by themselves if they so desire.

2. To Trolley Something

To trolley is for a person to command a resource or object to be given to said person, requiring an immediate response. One can also trolley something to someone else, if they are feeling generous.

3.To Be/Get Trollied(a) To Trolley Someone(b)

a) To be trollied is when one finds themselves in an undesirable situation for seemingly no reason whatsoever. If one is trollied, a feeling of great discomfort ensues causing deep displeasure and possibly harm to an individual.

b) To get trollied by someone or something is when one finds themselves in a worse set of circumstances than they were prior to the trolleying. One can trolley more than one person at a time, resulting in a double/triple etc. trolleying. One would do well to avoid getting trollied.
1. To Trolley:

I trollied to the shops this morning.
We trollied to the party last night.
Let's trolley {somewhere}

I Trolley
You Trolley

She/He Trollies
We all Trolley
They Trolley
Yous All Trolley

2. To Be/Get Trollied:

a) I was trollied last night in the pub.

You were trollied in the game.

He/She was trollied this morning.

We were all trollied from our journey.

They were trollied after the night's festivities.

Yous all were trollied after the match.


I trollied him in the game.

You got trollied by him last night.

He/She trollied Jason with a bat.

We all trollied the other team.

They trollied the deer on the shooting hunt.

Yous all trollied them in the match.
by TrolleyFans December 13, 2011
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The most badass character from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Trolley was just a Trolley, but was capable of understanding human speech. Unable to replicate human speech, Trolley communicated to Mr. Roger's and the citizens of the Neighborhood of Make Believe by ringing his bell and moving back and forth.
Here a few little known facts about Trolley:

-Trolley can transcend time and space, thus linking our world to the neighborhood of make believe

-Trolley's real name is Steve Wellsboro

-It was Trolley who transported the slaves north to freedom, but it was kept on the down low, hence the name "Underground Railroad"

-Trolley once ran for Governor in Delaware, but his capaign was largely ignored.

-King Friday once caught Trolley banging his wife, which begs the question "how can a model train do it with a puppet?" The answer is "quite well", because Friday has caught Trolley in the act a dozen times since.

-Trolley was originally going to play the train in The Polar Express, but Tom Hanks "refused to work with Mexicans"

-In 2003, Trolley recieved the Nobel Peace Prize for maintaining peace between our world in the Neighborhood of Make Believe.

-After the 2007 Terror Attacks in the Neighborhood of Make Believe, Trolley recieved a Purple Heart after he was injured in the line of duty. Word has it Trolley is hell on wheels with an AK-47.

-Trolley was last reported to be working on a screenplay for an edgy new sitcom starring Steve Carrel and that girl from Wonder Years.
Trolley: "Ding Ding!" Me: "Fuck yeah Trolley"
by CR_J June 14, 2010
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to be so severley intoxicated that the only way your getting home is in a trolley. wasted
by theo November 15, 2003
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From Trolley Dash: Rhyming slang for "Gash" used in North Essex, To describe a females' genitals.
I pounded her for hours before blowing my beans up her trolley.
by ohwicked69 August 07, 2006
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1. An instantaneous compulsion to lose your lunch in an upwards or downwards direction. Usually downwards.

2. A Particlarly unpleasant experience usually caused by female mingin-ness

The speed of pronunciation is the indication of the magnitude of said trolley.
"That hot chick who keeps dissin me gives me trolley"

(Bad/embarrasing event) (Place hand on stomach) "Trolley!"
by Mordy November 28, 2004
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